Make videos. Change the world.

Start making videos that mean business & impact lives

Hi beautiful soul! What if you could...

- Learn how to create the videos you dream about making. I'm talking about the videos that you actually publish because you didn't break your back to create them, you're proud of how you look and sound in them - oh, and you know they're going to make you money. 

- Share your message with confidence and ease. This means defining the "sweet spot" in your personal brand (What you're crazy about. What you're good at. What people will pay you for) Let the videos be a powerful calling card and inspire your ideal clients to work with you.

- Feel fulfilled in creating videos (and do it consistently). Tap into what really matters behind these videos, Y-O-U because it's only when you are happy making videos, can you truly contribute to others and impact the world. 

What you THINK YOU NEED in order to impact people & make money with video (ie. an expensive camera or social media following) is a lie. 

And honestly, it's kept you from what really matters... (Hint: The people who want to watch your videos, comment, buy your products and work with you.) 


✘ Spending your hard earned money on a camera that's collecting dust as you read this. Or maybe you're filming a ton of footage but none of it actually sees the light of day. 

✘ You're finally realizing that everything you said you would do with video last year never happened.

 ✘ Experimenting with Facebook LIVE (because Gary Vee said it was the thing to do). 

✘ You're visible (but only to your friends) and you're not getting the visiblity you know your work deserves. 

✘ You're freaking tired of wasting your time and dignity trying to make video work for you and your brand.

✘ Feeling like you're a failure. You're creative, smart and dedicated but video makes you feel like an amatuer at what you do and it's taking you away from doing what you do best. 

Learn the skills to rock video where it counts:

1. Nail the creative, spiritual and business mindset to stay in the video game (and thrive)

 2. Follow a specific video strategy that frees you from overworking (and actually gets seen) 

3. Call your viewers to actions that make an impact on their lives and your business

1x1 Coaching & Online Program

LAUNCH YOUR VIDEO BRAND is a highly actionable 9 week program that combines weekly 1x1 coaching, online course cirriculum, group calls and support.

Weekly 1x1 Coaching 

Get the attention your brand needs to make videos that mean business. You'll get nine one-on-one 60 minute coaching calls with Jazz to customize your learning and growth online.

[$3000 Value]  

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Online Course Curriculum 

You'll get weekly video training that's you learn on your own time. Mixture of video, slides, worksheets and homework to help you take major action.

[$1200 Value]

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Facebook Group Support 

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions in my exclusive Facebook Support Group. Collaborate with others serious about building their brands using online video.

$500 Value]

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Tech Training & Group Calls

Does your whole team need training? Let us come to your office and lead a seminar designed just for you.

 [$2300 Value]

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- You've made videos before but it feels like swing at a pinata (you never know if you're going to hit it big)

- Speaking about your brand on camera makes you feel unsure about yourself

- You're working long hours editing footage you that doesn't inspire you (so you wonder, how is this going to inspire others?)

- You want a strategic approach to your messaging, how to create it and what platforms to share it on


- Those who want a quick fix and are not willing to put the time, energy and money to get results

- Those who believe they are limited as to what they can learn in the program and have a know-it-all mentality

- Those not living in integrity with their business or how they serve others [Just looking to grow an immediate social following vs. offer real value to their viewers]

- Not open to the possibilities of feeling silly or embarrassed in order to grow, diving deep into their brand and message and the possibility of making a lot of meaning money 

What My Clients Say


"Jazz is an amazing coach because she understands the need to balance inspiration and dedication. 

From designing cover art to choosing music, from video resolution to meta tags, Jazz is a one-stop coaching shop in understanding what makes her clients tick, as well as what makes a video go viral." 

 - Amelia Travis, Founder of Stoked Yogi

"Jazz is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to video. When I have any questions from anything technical to how to get past my blocks she's the person I turn to. 

Working with Jazz has given me clarity about key ideas including my target audience, why I'm passionate about serving them, and what's holding me back from creating more video content."

- Drinie Aguliar, Instagram Visibility Coach

Before you go beautiful soul... 

Video used to freak me out! In 2015, I decided to commited to my vision of living the life I love and growing an online business that made meaningful money and impacted lives. 

I believe that everyone has equal opportunity to sustain and grow as an artist of life.

It took heavily investing in myself with time, money and energy - even when I didn't know how. I invite you to do the same with this unique program and can't wait to serve you on this level! 

I'm just an ordinary girl, who decided to go for it - Why can't that be you? 

I believe in YOU - So what do you say, let's do this!